We are looking for partners in almost every country and region of the world.

It is not often that a new methodology is developed with global applications in almost every industry and company type. Yet this is what StreamDynamics is able to offer. Any situation where managers and employees interface with a process, that can be deviated from, will benefit from the StreamDynamics system.

There continues to be a very healthy, interest in Continuous Improvement. Standard methods such as ISO, Lean and Six Sigma focus on standardizing or perfecting processes, StreamDynamics focuses on perfecting people, a perfect union of methods towards improved efficiency and defect reduction. The more essential conformity becomes, the more likely it is that we can assist.

So, what does all this amount to? A huge opportunity!


The powerful StreamDynamics system provides an excellent reason to go back to your pool of clients to bring to them the most powerful modifier of behavior in people, towards accuracy, that is available.

With StreamDynamics it is much easier than you might think to take the system to different industries you are less familiar with, but where you can offer your services as an accountability specialist.

This new and proprietary methodology has limited direct competition.

The software is web based, which makes it accessible everywhere.

We will be there to assist and guide you at every stage of the set up process.

This is a relatively simple system; you and your clients will be up to speed very quickly, usually within days.


Benefits For Clients

Clients can implement the system and see results quickly, sometimes instantly.

RIO for clients has been as much as five times their investment in year one.

Besides increasing conformity, the data produced is very clear, to the point and easy to act upon.

The software can meet the demands of any organizational type and structure.

Global Interest in Standardization

The standardization of performance is of acute interest to many organizations throughout the world. The current budget in North America alone for new employees with continuous improvement skills exceeds $4 billion.

So, why is defect and failure reduction so important? Simply put, because there are huge savings to be made when employees conform to the processes and standards that are in place.

Existing methods focus greatly on perfecting processes and systems; very little attention is given to reducing defective performance in people. We fill that need.

Micro Accountability - An Add On

StreamDynamics is a people based defect reduction tool. It works fine on its own, but is not at all in competition with existing management tools such as ISO, Lean or Six Sigma, where it can be used as a powerful add-on.

Think of ISO and its 900,000 participants in 147 countries. The same mindset that drives companies to use ISO, could drive them to use the StreamDynamics stystem Non-conformance systems are a requirement of ISO and StreamDynamics provides a World Class non-conformance system.

Because StreamDynamics has such broad application, its potential is vast.

Our IP

Our software is protected by copyright laws, the same way that Microsoft protects its IP. Unlike Lean and Six Sigma, where no single entity owns the IP and anyone can set up shop as an expert, StreamDynamics does have strong IP protection, which means this will not become a "free for all".